Website Design and Development

If you don't have your Yahoo! Store we will design your online store keeping strategies how it grows up.
For any website most attractive part is how its graphical interface.
A strong graphic design that is consistent throughout a web site gives a sense of consistency as well as visual pleasure.

During the designing our professionals keep some points in mind :
  • Attractive Page Layout
  • User friendly navigation either top or left side.
  • Text content i.e. Website should have ample coverage on subject
  • Position of the links and create animation when it necessary.

Toos and technology which we used are :

Web Page Design Scripting Technology: ASP, RTML,HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl
Database Software: Mysql, MSSQL, MS Access, Oracle 8i
Graphics Design: Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, GNOME Imaging Software
Development Tools: Ultra Dream weaver, Cold fusion Studio, Home Site 4.5, PHP Editor, Linux Shell Editors
Programming Languages: PHP, cold fusion, asp, java, VB, C++
Operating System: Linux / Windows2000/WinNT

We have experience in Linux shell programming & php shell programming. Our team having expertise in XML & WDDX, we can Integrate any two different database through XML & WDDX technology.

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